Education & Development

Essential to the Person-Centered Planning process is a review of the areas in which each resident seeks personal growth. Whether the growth is through further education or through the progression of a skillset, we believe in the promotion of a robust plan of development for each resident that we serve. Our team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are trained to provide support and assistance to cultivate each resident’s independence in the living skills required for home life (e.g. cooking, cleaning, showering, laundry, etc.). DSPs assess each resident’s ability to complete these tasks independently and offer assistance where needed to further build on the resident’s current capabilities. Our goal is to develop each resident’s autonomy rather than yielding to a strictly caretaking role. When a resident expresses interest in a subject that our DSPs are not able to aid them in (i.e. a course of study, swimming lessons, etc.), we will research the options that are available within the community and discuss what is feasible with the resident. Our goal is to enable residents to create a well-balanced life for themselves. A life that is autonomous and filled with a variety of knowledge, expertise, and plans for the future.