​  Services Provided:

  • Person-Centered Outcomes: Hampton Roads Residential Services discusses and plans with each resident the outcomes that are most important to them. We then design and deliver our services based on these outcomes and work with each resident to achieve these results. Read more on our person-centered approach here.
  • Education and Development: Residents are provided with the opportunity to participate in meaningful and engaging personal development. As a part of the person-centered planning process, we look at the skills and knowledge that each resident wishes to attain and develop a plan to reach these goals. Read more about our education and development program here.
  • Activities and Wellness: Hampton Roads Residential Services provides residents with the means to live a fulfilling and healthy life. Residents are provided with the opportunity to engage in regular physical activity, healthy eating habits and regular opportunities to participate in social activities both in the house and out in the community.
  • Supervision: Residents of Hampton Roads Residential Services receive access to supervision from Direct Support Professionals at all times while in the residence.
  • Medication Management: Hampton Roads Residential Services provides processing of prescriptions for all residents, transportation to all medical appointments, ordering and tracking of all medications and assists each resident with the administration of his or her prescribed medications on a daily basis.
  • Meal Preparation: Residents of Hampton Roads Residential Services are provided with three nutritious meals and two snacks per day. DSPs prepare all meals, but include and educate residents on the meal preparation process wherever possible. This includes basic cooking skills, grocery shopping, following recipes and menu planning.
  • Personal Finance: We offer Representative Payee services to all residents free-of-charge to assist in managing income from Social Security as well as from employment. While in our service, residents will also learn about their benefits, how to identify and manage their own funds and the basics of personal finance. 

About HRRS

Hampton Roads Residential Services provides support and accommodations to adults with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) assist residents as-needed with daily meal preparation, hygiene needs, participation in community activities, medication management and completion of all outcomes outlined in their Individualized Service Plans (ISPs). These support services are intended to train and assist each resident in attaining the communication and functional skills necessary to live in their community and reach their maximum potential.​​

Program Directors:
Hampton Roads Residential Services was co-founded and currently operated by Jeremy Craddock and DeAndrea Barnes. DeAndrea has been working in the field of disability services for over twenty years and has worked both directly with clients as well as in supervisory and managerial roles. She has served as head of residential programs in the States of Georgia and Virginia and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Service Counseling. Jeremy has been working in the field of disability services for over ten years and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University at Albany in New York State. He has also worked directly with clients and as a manager / supervisor. He has managed residential programs in the States of New York and Virginia and has also managed day services in Edinburgh, Scotland in the United Kingdom.